The Meher Schools

The Meher Schools students with their teacher

Since 1975, Sufism Reoriented has served Bay Area neighbors through The Meher Schools, which includes the non-sectarian White Pony preschool and Meher elementary school and their extended daycare programs. The elementary school offers a strong fully accredited academic program emphasizing the arts and nurtures the values of cooperation and respect for others.

When the school was founded, it served primarily the children of members of Sufism Reoriented. Today only two percent of the students are children of members. Together, the White Pony and Meher School have provided quality education to thousands of children in the surrounding neighborhood and nearby communities.

As part of their dedication to living a life of service to others, the elementary school teachers and administrative staff accept salaries about one half of what they would receive in public schools. As a result, tuition costs are among the lowest for private schools in the area, enabling the school to offer young families affordable private education and daycare services.

Much of the labor to run the school is provided by members of Sufism Reoriented, who put in hundreds of volunteer hours each week to create teaching materials, clean the school, and maintain the lovely gardens and playgrounds, so the school sparkles when children arrive each morning.

The values that Sufism Reoriented and The Meher Schools consider important are described in a talk by Dr. Carol Weyland Conner, the spiritual director of Sufism Reoriented, during a national online conference on character education. You can view the video here: Values and Character Education for a New Age.

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