Our New Sanctuary

Is Sufism Reoriented Building a "National Headquarters" Here?

Some of those opposed to our new church have suggested that Sufism Reoriented has been buying up neighborhood properties in order to build a national headquarters here.

The truth is that we bought several properties in the neighborhood for one purpose only – to put together a parcel on which to situate our new church building. And now that we have selected the final location, we have put these other properties up for sale. When our application is approved, we will also sell our current sanctuary at 1300 Boulevard Way. We need to sell these properties to be able to pay for the new sanctuary.

If You're Not Planning on a National Headquarters, Why So Many Toilets?

One critic said recently, "Sufism’s plans show thirty-seven bathroom stalls. How many people is Sufism really planning on attending their meetings?"

The answer is we’re planning on exactly the number of people we have always said we were planning on: 350 members plus up to fifty guests. The increased number of toilets and urinals is for a very different but intensely practical reason. When Sufism Reoriented stages holiday events and spiritual performances, such as our annual spring celebration, at intermission 350 members plus up to fifty guests have only ten to twenty minutes to refresh themselves.

Anyone attending such a public event knows there is always a longer line outside the women's room than the men's room. Sufism Reoriented is taking a modern approach to this problem by adding more toilets in the women's room.

porta  potties

This will be a permanent fix to the problem we faced at a recent annual celebration, when we needed to rent twelve Port-a-Potties (photo) to accommodate needs during intermission, bringing the total toilets to thirty. Recently, the New York Times reported that the issue of providing sufficient restrooms for women is now being recognized nationally and is beginning to be addressed in sports stadiums in America. The article humorously refers to this as "potty parity."