The Advancing Stream of Life

Divine Theme Video

The Process of Unfolding

Text for Beautifying Daily Life

Daily life changes after... One seeks to live life not focused on the self, but on bringing love, beauty, truth into daily life

Section about Daily life. Video and/or audio about the sacredness of daily life. (Work and Play, Beautify Your Life, other...)

“In all spiritual traditions, the design of a sanctuary strives to be an outward expression, in material form, of the still, sacred space at the center of the human heart where man is joined with and can know God. It therefore aspires, first, to be the most beautiful form its creators can envision.”

Two video talks by Murshida on daily life. 



Two or three songs

Capturing Beauty in Nature


One or two sentences about this phase (either a quote or a summary description).

Video excerpt from a class by Murshida or Murshid 

Songs 1, 2, 3 stacked

2nd column poem / and or dance / artwork