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Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

Queen Elizabeth II was a divine agent: a figure sent by God to aid His work on earth at the closing of this age. Her task was to embody the best of humanity as it is currently known and understood in the everyday world. She was to uphold that bright ideal faithfully during a time of great darkness in the world, the height of the Kali yuga.

Her accession to the throne on February 6, 1952, coincided with a signal moment in the Avatar’s advent. On that day, Meher Baba issued his first “Life Circular”, announcing the successful completion of his New Life and Manonash work and the beginning of what he called his “LIFE” phase, “life that is eternally old and new.” The following year, 1953, Baba declared himself to be the Highest of the High. That was the year of Elizabeth’s formal coronation as “by the Grace of God Queen of the United Kingdom and her realms and territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.”

She carried out her divine assignment perfectly for seventy years. Her exemplary life is a model of selfless service to Creation without thought of reward. She worked tirelessly for her subjects, traveling more than a million miles and visiting 117 countries. During her reign, she spread the English language, the language of God Speaks, all over the globe. Just two days before her passing, despite her exhaustion and debilitation, she met with the newly elected prime minister, Liz Truss. This gesture will benefit Ms. Truss immensely, for the people will now associate her with their beloved Queen.

Queen Elizabeth represented the very acme of what humanity could be in this closing age. Her qualities of graciousness and practicality remind one of Murshida Duce. And like Murshida, the Queen had a lively sense of humor. For her platinum jubilee earlier this year, instead of having great parades, she held a nationwide baking contest! In June we baked and served the winning dessert, the stunning Platinum Jubilee Trifle (to celebrate the anniversary of my investiture).

The Platinum Jubilee Trifle

You will recall that Elizabeth became the heir to the throne unexpectedly, when her uncle, Edward VIII, abdicated, and her father, who had no sons, became King George VI. If Elizabeth had had a brother, the crown would have automatically been given to him. But Divinity had chosen a woman for the throne at this time and place, to aid the Avatar’s work much as his Western women disciples did. With quiet but firm authority the Queen embodied the feminine principle, the generative, nurturing force of life we associate with the Divine Mother, which upholds all growth in Creation. One sees its expression, for example, in her lifelong love of animals. Along with her famous collection of corgis, she bred and trained championship racehorses. She served as a guardian of the swans in the River Thames and helped count them in a regular census. Over the years, many exotic animals were presented to her as gifts by world leaders, which she entrusted to the care of the London Zoo, including jaguars, giant tortoises, beavers, a python, and a bull elephant. She took an active interest in animal welfare wherever she went in the world, for in her broader role she understood that all life is sacred and mankind is its guardian.

Patron of the Zoological Society

Her Majesty was instantly recognized wherever she went by her delightful “rainbow wardrobe.” She said that she chose these bright, vibrant colors so that she would be more easily seen. In truth, God dressed her in red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet and their many variations to signal her role as one of His divine agents in the world. These are the colors of the visible spectrum, the colors of the central currents of life; they are the colors of the primary chakras, and the colors of Meher Baba’s flag. Clothed in these royal hues, she represented the very best integration of all the forces of life available in the outer world at this stage of Creation; she embodied outwardly the best that was possible for “the Old Adam”, for humanity in the age now ending. As you know, in the new age now dawning it all changes; the higher chakras go out as the supramental force descends; even the colors of flowers will change! Meher Baba’s manifestation now brings the New Creation and a new beginning for humanity and all of life, here on this earthly plane – “something great that has never happened before.”

The Queen completed the work of this life on September 8th, which coincides with the anniversary of Nisargadatta Maharaj’s samadhi, the day prior to Murshida Duce’s samadhi. She passed away at Balmoral Castle, her summer residence in Scotland. Shortly before her passing, a beautiful double rainbow appeared over Buckingham Palace in London. Another rainbow was seen twenty-five miles away at Windsor Castle, her weekend home, as the flag was lowered to half-staff in her honor. And at her funeral procession in Scotland, as thousands of people lined the streets of Edinburgh, a single brilliant ray of sunlight pierced through the clouds to shine down on her coffin – a final “tip of the hat” from the Divine Beloved.

Watching the gatherings in remembrance of the Queen across the world, one sees how people on every continent speak of her with warmth and affection. They love her – and I do, too! Recalling the example of her life, in essays and in ceremonies, has made the world a happier place at this time of her passing. This wonderful figure exemplified the very best of humankind in the closing age, a model of maturity, living morning to night in life’s service. She was a gift from God to the world.

Her son and successor, Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor, now 73, is the oldest monarch ever to assume the British throne. He has been in apprenticeship for this role since the age of three. While he could have styled himself George VII after his grandfather, or even King Arthur had he wished, he has chosen to be Charles III. As his mother presided over a modern Elizabethan age, so he will lead his nation into a new Carolean, or Carolingian era. His name, “Charles”, is derived from the same Old English root as my name, Carol, meaning “one who is free”. Not only that, but his Scorpio birthday, November 14, coincides with the day Meher Baba signed the Sufi Charter for seekers in the West. It is said that he is interested in inclusive spirituality (not restricted to the Church of England), and that he is deeply committed to the stewardship of the Earth, our “planet of the heart”. I intend to write to him, as we walk together in this lifetime!

In His Unbounded Love,


Funeral Procession in Edinburgh, September 13, 2022

Double rainbow over Buckingham Palace, September 8, 2022

The Queen’s “Rainbow Wardrobe”: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

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