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About Sufism Reoriented

Sufism Reoriented is a non-denominational American school of spirituality, whose prayer for creation is summarized in these words:

May the light of His silence break in every heart.

Let there be peace and love among all beings in the universe.


Its central activity is ceaseless selfless service to all

in the one human family.


Founded in 1952 by Avatar Meher Baba of India, Sufism Reoriented is not affiliated with any particular Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu religious community. Its members respect, study, and honor all faiths and seek to live the eternal truth that enlivens humanity’s most elevated spiritual traditions, east and west, ancient and modern: that all are One.


Guided by a spiritual Teacher whom we call Murshida when she is a woman or Murshid when he is a man, the current murshida is Dr. Carol Weyland Conner. Her role is to guide her students, individually and as members of a spiritual community, to recognize and unfold the deepest knowing within themselves to enable them to serve others selflessly.


This website offers an introduction to the life and practices of Meher Baba’s American Sufism Reoriented.

For more information, please contact us at:



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