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. . . from the Sufi Murshids 

In addition to the classes the murshids offer their students, they prepare a variety of publications, give formal and informal talks, and publish essays for friends and colleagues who request them.

Murshida Ivy Oneita Duce

February 25, 1895 – September 9, 1981


From How a Master Works...

“Meher Baba had love enough to flood the world. When you were in his presence, it was overpowering. I have hosted Baba in my houses in New York, Washington, and California. I have seen strong men, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, as well as those in many menial jobs just stand there and cry like babies. Why? Because they did not really know what love was until they saw him.”

— Murshida Duce


“Born on my birthday
and born to love and serve me,
you are forever blessed.”

— A cable from Meher Baba to Murshida Duce, 1965

Meher Baba’s Diamond, published in 2023, pairs Jane Adams’s sketch portraits of Murshida Duce with a lively selection of quotes from Murshida’s classes and talks, most of which have never been published before. It also includes illuminating commentary on her life from Murshid MacKie and Murshida Conner.

Murshida Ivy O. Duce In 1970-1
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In 1970 Irwin and Edward Luck filmed an interview with Murshida Duce in her apartment in San Francisco. Using a handheld Super 8 camera, they captured Murshida telling stories about her life with Meher Baba in a lively, informal conversation.

Murshid James S. B. MacKie

May 21, 1932 – June 10, 2001

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