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Meher Baba’s Work in America – The War of Independence

In 2007-8 Murshida Conner developed a curriculum for her students related to Meher Baba's work in America. As this program on the American Revolution seems particularly timely in light of current events, it is being posted here.


The Revolution was the most important single event in American history. In its highest aspect, it was a spiritual struggle, a war of and for the human spirit – the battle of the higher nature to enter into gross matter and assert its sovereignty over ignorance and falsehood. It was a war we should not have been able to win. Yet that is how Divinity works: events appearing to defy logic may be part of a much larger plan whose real purpose may not be evident for decades or even centuries. The hardships undergone by the Continental Army cannot be overstated. Washington was central to winning the war. Murshida draws parallels between the experiences of the New Life companions and those of the Continental Army.


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