Murshida Carol Weyland Conner


“Teachers are provided by Creation to help seekers on their path of return. Their only joy is in befriending the soul of man. They have no other purpose on Earth.”

— Murshida Carol Weyland Conner


The Role of the Sufi Murshid According to Meher Baba


Sufism’s One Ritual


Sufis Anchor the Avatar’s Work


Matter Is Divine


No Excuses

Love Awakes In Matter

“To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance, and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others, by expressing in the world of forms truth, love, purity and beauty – this is the sole game which has any intrinsic and absolute worth.

All other happenings, incidents, and attainments in themselves can have no lasting importance.”

— Meher Baba

Descendent Spirituality and the New Consciousness

To Penetrate Into the Essence
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Love Awakes In Matter Now
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“To love God in the most practical way is to love our fellow beings. If we feel for others in the same way as we feel for our own dear ones, we love God.”

— Meher Baba

“The service programs I have created in our community are not social work or ‘charity’. They are pursued in emulation of Meher Baba’s service programs begun in the 1920s at Lower Meherabad and carried forward today. They give expression to the principles of God’s New Creation, embodying the Truth that all are One. When we work in this spirit and in His name, He can use each occasion to spread the spark of His love and uplift all.

“None of these projects came about through any deliberate planning on my part. In every case, a door opened on vistas gleaming with His higher principles, and I simply walked through without any foreknowledge of where it might lead. But in every case, it has led to new opportunities to share God’s love with others and further His work of bringing the New Creation to birth.

“While the totals are impressive and very satisfying, neither the size nor reach of these efforts really matters to me. More important is the underlying motive that prompts us to undertake this work – to help foster a world where the inequities of opulence and poverty are dissolved, and all share in a prosperity and happiness that flow from true spiritual brotherhood.”

— Murshida Conner

“All of us taking care of all of us”

Living in a Sacred Space 
With Murshida Conner

Essays, Talks,


Poems & Plays

In addition to the weekly classes Murshida Conner prepares for her students, she gives formal and informal talks and publishes essays for friends and colleagues who request them.

Murshida’s Background

The qualification for serving in the role of a spiritual Teacher is the advanced maturity that comes naturally from experience over a myriad of lifetimes. Such maturity can only be fully recognized by someone of equal or greater maturity, which is why a lineage of Illumined Teachers unfolds by each teacher naming his or her successor.

To provide guidance to students in contemporary life who are walking the spiritual path, a spiritual teacher must have mastered the culture’s mores and understood the psychological, social, and economic dynamics of the culture of the time. Highlights of Murshida Conner’s apprenticeship in the life of today’s world can be summarized as follows:

Dr. Carol Weyland Conner was born on a Pawnee Indian Reservation, 70 miles from Prague, Oklahoma.  Her father, a music educator, was doing alternative military duty due to a physical disability.

Raised in Central California’s San Joaquin Valley, she studied English literature at UC Berkeley, French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, and medieval studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore before receiving her Ph.D. in 1976 in clinical psychology from Catholic University in Washington, D.C. After teaching for several years in the George Washington University School of Medicine, she went into private practice as a therapist, practicing for twenty-five years in Walnut Creek, California, during which time she was also a volunteer counselor with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in San Francisco.

Painting of Murshida Conner

on the day she was initiated.

Initiated into Sufism at the age of 35 by Murshida Ivy O. Duce, she was named murshida by both her predecessors, Murshida Duce and Murshid James MacKie, and assumed office in 2001.

She is married to Gary Conner, a retired attorney. They have two children and five grandchildren.

In 2019, Murshida Conner asked her students to begin repeating a prayer she entitled the “Universal Prayer”.

May the light of His Silence

break in every heart.

Let there be peace and love

among all beings of the universe.

Universal Prayer
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