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Riding the Wave of Universal Transformation

Dear Companions,

Three-quarters of the western United States is now facing the most extensive severe drought in its recorded history; its scale and intensity has never been seen before. “We are in a climate emergency”, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department Drought Monitor.

In addition, climate change is exacerbating the strength and frequency of fires throughout the West, owing to unprecedented, record-breaking heat waves, lightning strikes, and exceptionally dry vegetation. [1]

All this comes as our nation and the world struggle to emerge from the pandemic and address ongoing societal challenges. We are riding an immense wave of universal transformation, the force of which has never been seen on Earth before, as the divine manifestation literally burns away the tattered structures of the Old Life and purifies the land for the birth of the New Creation. If you did not know before, you can see now that this is not a metaphor. And we must summon, with His help, the strength to endure and the resolve to serve His Purpose.

Beloved God,

We pray for the welfare of the people of our state and our nation at this crucial period of divine manifestation.

We pray that You may fortify and strengthen our neighbors and companions during these difficult times.

If it be Your Will, may we come together with courage, compassion, and cheer and, as one human family, walk forward into Your New Creation.

In His Unbounded Love, Murshida


[1]Increased settlement and development of “fire-prone areas” up and down the state has added to California’s problems. Today more than two million homes in California are at risk from wildfires. Four of the five largest fires in California history occurred in a six-week period last year. The 2020 California fire season burned more than 4.3 million acres of land and destroyed more than ten thousand buildings, at a cost of more than 1.2 billion dollars. Smoke and ash turned the skies orange across much of the West Coast for days. Thousands of displaced people joined the homeless population, now estimated at over 150,000 people in California. The same conditions can now be seen in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.


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